Nick Stole

The pictures are done in fat felt tip pens on notepaper. they are an attempt at recreating some of the best artwork I did when I was 4 years old, when fitting things together nicely seemed to happen easily and in a fun experimental manner, whilst drawing a physical object or phenomena in a representative form, often with some kindof functional outline based representation. I have tried to avoid the colouring in which I did occasionally when I was young, since this was a technique which was 'supposed' to be done rather than a natural progression in my style/technique of drawing, at that stage.

My drawings when I was young were undoubtably manifestations of subconscious thoughts and feelings, whilst intending to be of simple objects and situations. the works here reverse the subconscious, and attempt to express my current feelings in the same visual mechanism that my subconscius was presented in my drawings when I was young. whilst the physical objects are now a more subconscious product of what concepts I am trying to present (so the subconscious and conscious intentions of the artwork are reversed between these works and those of my childhood).
  My commentary is how Iwould describe the picture from my current perspective if Iwas still 4 years old, but had a better vocabulary than I did then.